Everything you need to start playing guitar in a single app.  

Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are the most popular music notation for guitarists. Learn how to read tabs to make learning the songs you love easier.

Good news: there's a finite number of chords. As you'll master the basics, you'll discover you can play thousands of songs.

Basic Chords

Chord changes can seem overwhelming at first. Learn how to change between them seemlessly to play and write your own music.

Chord Changes

The secret ingredient to any great song? Strumming versatility. So, you'll learn a variety of patterns and styles to sound like a pro.


As a beginner, it's important to start playing immediately. So, you'll unlock your fretboard from day 1.

Play From Day 1

Set Yourself up for Success

Learning guitar should be fun, not hard. Master these 6 tips and you'll be well on your way to becoming a great guitar player. 

What You'll Learn

As guitarists, we know that starting guitar can feel overwhelming. But, it shouldn't be. With our structured, guided lessons, it's simple, fun, and rewarding. Here's what you'll learn. 

I was a little skeptical at first, but things immediately started clicking and making sense. I have progressed so much in just a few days! 

- Daniel Owens

Pricing Plans

Enjoy a guided musical education that sticks. Advance step-by-step. Master the basics and beyond. Progress at your own pace.


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For Acoustic & Electric

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$89.90 Per Year

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Interactive Video Lessons

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7-Day Free Trial

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Got a question about learning guitar? Send us a message and one of our guitar teachers will get back to you shortly. 


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Guitar Lessons for Beginners

How to Become a Great Guitar Player 


Buy a guitar you love  and keep it where you can see it. 


Download Fretello and start with our methodical approach.


Advance step-by-step, from the basics and beyond.

That's it, no hocus-pocus.

Enjoy Yourself

You'll only keep learning the guitar if it's fun. That means playing your favorite songs. So, we incorporate songs into your exercises to keep your practice rewarding.   

Structure your Learning

There is a problem with browsing YouTube and random sites for single lessons. They are not structured. As a beginner, following a methodical approach like the one we offer is absolutely vital.

Keep Going

When the going gets tough, stick to your practice routine. Mixing different learning methods can increase your confusion and lead to gaps in your knowledge. 

Practice Regularly

Regular practice is the secret of every great guitar player. Consistency always outweighs natural talent. Show up, do the work, improve. 

Face Your Challenges

Don’t avoid your problem areas. They’re gifts in disguise. By facing them head-on, you’ll improve faster overall. Use them as opportunities for growth. 

Be Realistic

Jimi Hendrix didn’t become a guitar god overnight. It might not be sexy, but there are no shortcuts to becoming a great guitar player. Real learning takes time. Once you accept that, you can enjoy the ride! 

The key to becoming a guitarist is to keep at it. So, you'll learn to create a practice routine that matches your lifestyle.   

Habitual Playing 

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